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Volubilis West of Riad Souafine


Volubilis: Renowned Roman site, famous for its splendid mosaics.

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Just a few miles from Moulay Idriss, in the fertile plain, you will discover Volubilis.
This splendid Roman city, partially restored, gives you an idea of the beauty and prosperity of Volubilis, which was the Roman capitol of Africa more than 2000 years ago.

The famous mosaics of Volubilis give evidence to the quality of the ancient craftsmenThumbnail image.


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Thumbnail imageIt is advisable to call the official guides of sites if you wish not to miss the most important remains the ImageSite Thumbnail of Volubilis is no huge tour circuit which is signposted.

In summer it is best to visit in the morning because the heat of the afternoon is all the more intolerable soon there nothing to hide from the sun.