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Taza East of Riad Souafine


Taza : 120km from Fez

The old medina of Taza, cliff hanger town, offers a stunning view on the surrounding valley and mountains. Located on the axis Oujda/Fez it was the rampart citadel against the invasions coming from the East of the country.

A couple of miles from Taza, you will find the largest caves on the African continent. A ways down at more than 2 kms depth, there you can discover splendid concretions, an underground river and even prehistoric cave paintings. Speleologists will appreciate.

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In 2011 is expected to open the highway Fès / Oujda that give quick access to Taza and especially the Oriental region to the Algerian border.

The pleasant seaside resort of Saidia will be at 3:30 in Fez, ideal for exploring this beautiful Mediterranean beach 14kms long largely preserved