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Sefrou South of Riad Souafine


SEFROU : 30km from Fez

Cherry harvest Celebration / June

Well before Fez became an Imperial city and a spiritual capital, Sefrou was the richest and most dominant city of the area. While Sefrou is now small in population, it is clearly among the best destinations for one-day trips from Fez. Thus, this city cut in two halves by the seasonal river Oued Aggaï, has much charm, with narrow lanes, small shops and very kind inhabitants.

On Thursday, the day of the market, the city is full of farmers coming from the surroundings and what a change of scene.

A few miles from Sefrou, don’t miss the village of BHALILL which invites the visitor to daydream and artist to great inspiration.  You won’t be able to resist the charm of these colourful lanes and the warm-hearted joy of its inhabitants who will often invite you to have tea with them in their cave houses.

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I make a point of thanking here, Jacques HEBINGER, artist photographer who generously contributed to "RIAD SOUAFINE" website, by offering these pictures of BHALILL and those of the fantasia of Tissa extracted from its next book on Fez.