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Fez Medina East of Riad Souafine

Fes Medina Fes and its environs MoussemMoussem Fes

Fes el Bali Festival of World Sacred Music / late May early June

Every year in this period of late spring, Fez is transformed into a global hub of spirituality, tolerance and emotion.

Festival de musiques sacréesThe Festival opens more and more about the city and becomes accessible to as many concerts as also in the afternoon at the Musée Batha and Bab Makina evenings Pay organizers offer free concerts is in the medina Bab Boujloud either in the new town where the artists produce the official selection.

Thumbnail imageThe medina of Fez World Heritage Site by UNESCO is considered the largest Arab city has preserved over the centuries in both its architecture and especially its traditional lifestyle. It is estimated that there are about 400 000 inhabitants in the city walls. That's what makes this so special medina.

Living witness of the past, Fez is a city that raises the passions, no one can remain indifferent to the beauty of its monuments, mosques and palaces rivaling architectural wealth with no other purpose than the elevation of the soul towards the beautiful and sacred.

A must to see : Fez MedinaFes la Medina
the madrasas Bouinania, mosques Karawiyin Andalus, the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss palaces Mokri, Glaoui, Ba Mohamed Chergui. The museum Nejarine, Seffarine place in the historic center and the various souks ...

Beyond the historical sites, Fez discovers Venice, by getting lost in the maze of alleys that we always end up getting out, and day and night the medina has a thousand and one faces the need to treasure depths of his memory.

Thumbnail imageBut Fez is also the walking encyclopedia of traditional crafts, gestures and expertise are transmitted Maalem (master) apprentice, in the mode of companionship.Thumbnail image
Leather tanners to woodcarvers, the whole range of trades are represented.
When at the corner of an alley you pass an open workshop, please stop to admire the skill of craftsmen.

Must be seen, out of the medina (east), the pottery factories, the most famous Art Naji you will understand the long process of manufacturing zelliges ...

Fez el Bali is not a "museum city", is a city where real life is played out of time passing and the centuries which follow. Difficult city, full of contrasts and reserves, Fez does not reveal itself easily to the casual visitor. As these fine homes behind the facades blind and decrepit, Fez is revealed little by little to those who know the love and respect.

Fes Jdid located outside the medina and the adjacent Royal Palace, Fez Jdid is best known for its shopping street linking the beautiful garden at Jnaan Sbil Mellah.

MellahMellah : Placed under the protection of the Palais Royal, Mellah style is typically Andalusian-Arab. To see the synagogue, Jewish cemetery, the district of jewelers and the plaza and the ornate doors of the Palais Royal.